Single hole high brackets


High brackets in 316 stainless steel; thickness 3 mm; suitable for Rack-RH rear luggage racks for bikes ready.

Suitable for traditional (classic) frames.

The use is recommended if:

  • the high classic brackets , were too long.
  • Or to mount the luggage rack on carbon frames hat are not ready for fitting luggage racks; the brackets can be used in association with a specific seatpost collar. They are made with different diameters by companies such as Salsa, TranzX etc…

If you decide to purchase them, check the diameter of the saddle tube of your bicycle.

Important: make sure that the luggage rack that you already have or that you are purchasing has  heads with a double hole.

– Dimension drawing EN… (pdf)


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  • A pair of single hole brackets and relative: screws, self-blocking nuts and washers, for mounting.
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